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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

not so funny farm

I told you...
Goats are not my first home invaders.
This happens way too often.
We are not very good at closing doors and have no screen doors b/c all doors in this old house are very odd sizes ~either short or tall w/huge transoms above...
Too many flies n chickens have figured this out.
They seem to learn faster than my kids.

Two years ago we all left to run errands, inadvertently leaving a back door open...
Baby Jack was overdue for a nap, had fallen asleep in the truck and I was trying to quietly rush him to his crib...
I screamed when I hit the upstairs as I thought we'd been robbed/ransacked... ('Member that thought earlier in my housekeeping post? Sadly too common here.)
We have very deep window sills and I use them as shelves/display areas. All sorts of stuff was knocked down n scattered all over the upstairs floors.

Then I saw it.


I figured out that a feathered (not quite a) friend had been lost n looking for a way out.
It felt more  like Goldilocks as she'd clearly visited each bedroom...
I cautiously looked around, expecting something to launch at me any second...
Finally I found her.
A Rhode Island Red. They're always the troublemakers!
Nesting in Sarah's wicker hamper.
Due to LBB (life before blogging) I did not set crying baby on floor and take pictures.
Use your imagination.

I will further embarrass myself by adding another icky story...
Shortly after this (Jack was potty trained early) I found little people poopS in the grass by our playset!
Horrified, I asked 4 yo Sarah "WHY???!!!"
After trying to blame Jack, she admitted it just seemed "fun, like camping."
When I called my BFF for comfort she almost wet her pants laughing at me.
"You're the only girl I know whose chickens poop in the house and kids poop outside!"
I hung up and poured a tall glass of wine.

When she came for a visit she brought me the perfect door mat ~
It's worn to bits now.

Country life ain't for sissies.


Flartus said...

Omigosh, where did she find such a perfect doormat?

So, I'm wondering...how much of a pain is it to clean chicken poop out of carpeting??

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Great post...great doormat...and yes the name of your blog is so appropriate!!! Go Girl!!!
Thanks for the laugh!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Thanks for joining my blog! We do have alot in common, it seems. I don't have 115 acres [ you lucky girl!] but I do have 20. I look forward to chatting with you!
Where do you live? I would love to come to your barn sale!!

Vintage Country Girl said...

Hilarious! I had a similar experience with my youngest...he pooped in the pig pen once after he saw the pigs do it. Unbelieveable! Also, I can feel your pain about the chickens. Ours haven't gotten in the house, but they are VERY hard to catch when they get loose. We have 15, and they've escaped ALOT!

Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

That is TOO funny, Leslie!
The chicken is CUTE though.
Just wanted to let you know I got your note about you gathering up all your eBay stuff and getting it ready to sell--I am working on the next eBay post--everything takes longer in the summer, I think.
Don't let the naysayers stop you from selling--I know I never do! We Leslies gotta stick together!
P.S. We have ferrets, and they get a few hours of play time in the A.M. and a few hours of playtime in the P.M.
We have found them inside the back of the washing machine, up inside chairs, and hiding in drawers--that always makes for a nice surprise!

MamaMonki said...

So funny! We just started potty training our WeeMan and already he has hosed down the cat in the upstairs hallway - right outside the bathroom for crying outloud! Of course WeeMan though it was hysterical and was so proud of himself - the cat was not nearly so appreciative!

Julia said...

I found you through my sister, Cheech. I just love your blog and am looking forward to reading through it! Your life is a lot like mine:).


Lady Farmer said...

I just love *real* stories like that! Sounds just like home!

Lori said...

This story just never gets old. I don't know how many times I've told it and I still PEE my pants! And don't you worry I'm working on
a doormat replacement! teehehe