"If the world were merely seductive, that would be easy. If it were merely challenging, that would be no problem. But I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day." — E.B. White

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Hmm, last year we got doubles of many gifts and I was gonna call a post Copycat Christmas... But this year I really do feel like a copy cat after planning much of my Christmas by repinning! From decor to food and even some gifts, I sure got my mojo from fellow pinners. After I catch my breath tomorrow (we're travelling early and hosting a late dinner) I'll try to post some more pics of my knock-offs!
My photo skills still need lots of help from here, but I also did this (used BHG's better pic tho)!

We made several different cookies but these easy peasy Reindeer cookies were the most popular!

Our breakfast will be gluten free with new traditions at the table... Already made these elf hats and will prepare these red n green frittatas, sausage w/goat cheese and pretty north pole smoothies w/jumbo red n white straws that I found at the dollar store. 

Also have these cute candy canes on the menu! Gotta do something to counteract all the sugar Santa tempts with... 

Jack had a great party at preschool and told Santa what he'd written on the list we printed
The night we did it Jack had been in a bit of trouble but he insisted on checking the "very nice" box not the "pretty nice" or "a bit naughty." I about bust a gut at his "nope, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it" line!
I'm not sure how I felt watching him whack Santa minutes later!
But capturing him trying to read the book his sweet teacher gave him made me melt.

Sarah also had a surprise "early birthday party" when I showed up at school with a Hello Kitty themed lunch (including sandwich she's showing) and cupcakes for everyone. Alas, I didn't get these Hello Kitty cake pops made as I hoped, but the school only allows store bought due to allergies!

We counted down the days by printing out this bright Santa and adding cotton to his beard.

Our little red friend seemed to be a copycat then too...
He glued on a cotton beard one day,
and left us a big reminder on another!

But we appreciated how he showed where his heart is as well.
In honor of the Elf we also printed out some coloring fun.

But one thing that wasn't copied...
Sarah made me cry when she brought an original writing project home from school. The kids were asked to write anything about Christmas. 
Sarah wrote;
Christmas first came from Jesus being born. Christmas is his birthday Dec. 25th. He was God's only son and God gave him to us. That's why Christmas is about giving. God gave us his only son so we give love and joy to other people. I love going to church Christmas Eve with my family to celebrate.

Hope your heart is bursting with love & joy this Christmas!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Home for the holidaze

Merry Christmas friends!
We're really feelin' it this year...
My goal is to enjoy my home and family to the max
 and avoid the holidaze!
It can happen in a blink;
the stores
the cards
the parties
the performances,
the runnin round....

We're trying to enjoy the simple pleasures and stay close to home more.
My training business has continued to grow, and while I feel blessed,
I'm fighting feeling stressed...
I'm trying to scale back my expectations for myself 
and simply EnJoY the gift's God given me.

We cut our tree at our local tree farm again this year.
The Farmer preferred to show me his best side... ;-P

The kids are doing penance for growing too fast!
They helped saw and drag the tree.
They even lugged stuff down our two flights of 200 yo twisty stairs.
And crawled under to tighten the tree base.

I offered less chores for less growing, but I can't seem to slow 'em down...
After seeing this shot of Jack in his new pj's n robe, my BFF remarked that either our tree was smaller this year, or Jack much bigger...I said BOTH!

Last weekend we attended a great horse parade again.
Followed by a lunch and stop at the local firehall to admire the train garden.

 We were pleased to see Jesus (young and old) a part of this celebration.

And amused by the clean-up brigade

We were also delighted to find our little red friend had snuck into the parade...

The Elf On A Shelf has been making us giggle many mornings
 He spelled out I (heart) Sarah + Jack in marshmallows
(They ate 'em before I could even get a pic so we recreated it!)
The Elf also crawled into the fridge and dyed the milk red!
We caught him catching goldfish in the pantry,

and having a tea party w/the fresh gingerbread cookies we'd decorated!

Most decor looks the same as last year.
You can see more by clicking "Christmas" or our tree details here.
I did add a bit more bling to our bedroom and master bath for myself.

Nothing beats a hot bath after a long cold day outside -
especially with candles flickering against vintage shiny brite n crystal...
Followed by slipping into a bed warmed by heated mattress pad n fleece sheets and reading the perfect book sent by a perfect blogging friend.
Dear Janette sent us Christmas Cheer in a box!!!
Please go visit her for a soul soothing pick me up.

Friday after lessons, Sarah attends a birthday party...
Saturday after early lessons, we go into DC to enjoy a concert at the Kennedy Center followed by an early Christmas with my Aunt and Uncle...  Sunday some fun client friends are coming over to watch "Fresh" and  celebrate a bit... Monday is Jack's school party...
Sheesh, what did I start out by saying?!

EnJoY your many blessings friends!!!