"If the world were merely seductive, that would be easy. If it were merely challenging, that would be no problem. But I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day." — E.B. White

Friday, December 16, 2011

Home for the holidaze

Merry Christmas friends!
We're really feelin' it this year...
My goal is to enjoy my home and family to the max
 and avoid the holidaze!
It can happen in a blink;
the stores
the cards
the parties
the performances,
the runnin round....

We're trying to enjoy the simple pleasures and stay close to home more.
My training business has continued to grow, and while I feel blessed,
I'm fighting feeling stressed...
I'm trying to scale back my expectations for myself 
and simply EnJoY the gift's God given me.

We cut our tree at our local tree farm again this year.
The Farmer preferred to show me his best side... ;-P

The kids are doing penance for growing too fast!
They helped saw and drag the tree.
They even lugged stuff down our two flights of 200 yo twisty stairs.
And crawled under to tighten the tree base.

I offered less chores for less growing, but I can't seem to slow 'em down...
After seeing this shot of Jack in his new pj's n robe, my BFF remarked that either our tree was smaller this year, or Jack much bigger...I said BOTH!

Last weekend we attended a great horse parade again.
Followed by a lunch and stop at the local firehall to admire the train garden.

 We were pleased to see Jesus (young and old) a part of this celebration.

And amused by the clean-up brigade

We were also delighted to find our little red friend had snuck into the parade...

The Elf On A Shelf has been making us giggle many mornings
 He spelled out I (heart) Sarah + Jack in marshmallows
(They ate 'em before I could even get a pic so we recreated it!)
The Elf also crawled into the fridge and dyed the milk red!
We caught him catching goldfish in the pantry,

and having a tea party w/the fresh gingerbread cookies we'd decorated!

Most decor looks the same as last year.
You can see more by clicking "Christmas" or our tree details here.
I did add a bit more bling to our bedroom and master bath for myself.

Nothing beats a hot bath after a long cold day outside -
especially with candles flickering against vintage shiny brite n crystal...
Followed by slipping into a bed warmed by heated mattress pad n fleece sheets and reading the perfect book sent by a perfect blogging friend.
Dear Janette sent us Christmas Cheer in a box!!!
Please go visit her for a soul soothing pick me up.

Friday after lessons, Sarah attends a birthday party...
Saturday after early lessons, we go into DC to enjoy a concert at the Kennedy Center followed by an early Christmas with my Aunt and Uncle...  Sunday some fun client friends are coming over to watch "Fresh" and  celebrate a bit... Monday is Jack's school party...
Sheesh, what did I start out by saying?!

EnJoY your many blessings friends!!!


Janie Fox said...

I adore all your decorations. Your kiddos are too cute. I am staying in all next week and enjoying the season. Well Mnday I have plans with Maggie (it's her birthday) and then Aubrie's kindergarten class(Tues is her bday) but that is it!

Mandy said...

oh i love your town's parade! how cute and special! and the elf on the shelf? i hadn't really ;gotten' it until now. NOW i see why it's so cute:) Merry CHristmas to yours!

Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse said...

Marshmellow messages ~ may have to borrow that one. The beagle brigade is too stinkin' cute...what a FUN day!

You are right we do have similar tastes. My fav's are your brick wall & fireplace in the dining room & that red plaid skirt under your farmhouse sink, lovely!

Lori Skoog said...

I like your philosophy about the season! Great photos and I loved the horse parade. The concert at the Kennedy Center must have been something.

Enjoy! Enjoy!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh you made my day...both in such a warm post and your mention of our fun package...I have got to visit yours side of the world. Love the mantel...and yes the same philosophy here too, I think that comes with age..LOL Kids trees are the best...no picture-show- home tree for us...and you did the best of the best, cutting it down...we have to do that next year.

Oh I have told mine for forever...I am putting a rock on your head so you stop growing. Benjamin has been talking about his upcoming birthday and he said,"I know it makes you happy and sad that I am growing to be so big!"...too funny.

Oh your Christmas activities are just wonderful...continue to enjoy, to laugh (which you are so good at) and continue to spread your cheer...I am one who is so blessed!!

Merry Christmas.

brooke said...

I love reading your blog. Watching your kids grow is so sweet. I have to say that you have finally pushed me over the edge- we are going to get an elf on the shelf. It is time. His antics are right down our alley.

Lori said...

It's a sure thing now...Pintrest is a baaaad thing!! Photoshop and Pintrest....
I've been missin your awesome posts!! : (
Look at all the great photos you've posted! who says you need a new lens?? You've almost made me want to do the elf thing...naaa
And how did you squeeze in so much more Christmas cheer than I? The days must be longer in MD!