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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Before n After Flip House Tour

Hmm, there's been a lot of interest in the flip house so guess I'll post more pics!
I'd never get you to peek if I didn't tease you with some afters.
This is one of my favorites.
Can you see the chalkboard I made?

This was what you saw when we bought it!

The white paint was yellow from smoke, also brown, moldy etc etc!

The befores do not adequately capture the revolting grossness factor.
My sweet hubbie Contractor/Builder- Farmer has worked (n worked n worked) miracles here!

This house was foreclosed on after a hoarder/smoker and her dog(s?) went awol.

Neighbors tell of five dumpsters of crap belongings being hauled away before it was listed.
Amazing since there was still a full basement, attic n garage!
And strange fences n wire walls everywhere!?
There are tales of a goat living here once! Really!

Here's another shot where you can see the new garage doors and new paving. 
Thankfully grass seed has finally filled in!

Here's a close up of the "mock rock" that covers the well. I like it more than I expected.

 Even the somewhat cute porch was completely rotted and eroded.

We stripped the house to it's barest bones and completely upgraded and rebuilt.
Sadly even the hardwood floors needed to be replaced due to stains and major holes.
Gone are the popcorn ceilings and now there is also crown molding everywhere.
We adore the location.
Lovely neighbors!!! Those behind the house have chickens and there's also a hay meadow able to be viewed behind the pine trees and picnic table. But most of the street is newer large fancy homes. Ours was the only ugly duckling.
It's one of the original small homes at the end of a cul de sac in what's now the heart of Westminster.
Near college, schools, medical centers / hospital and.... The Ag Center!
We love, love love our Ag center where there's historical museums, Fireworks n fun, trade shows, horse n dog shows, fairs and even kids clothing sales! But especially ~ The FARMERS MARKET!
Need I say more?  :-)

The entire interior of the house is painted with Sherwin William's "rice grain" on the walls.  It's a color I chose years ago for our own house and still adore. For pops of color I was originally going to stick with more neutrals; the blue door color and vintage blue mason jars as inspiration plus a shower curtain that I fell in love with at Target.

Then I decided to add more brights from Pier One and HomeGoods for excitement.
 (More FUN for me too)  I felt good about my decision when I saw this "Creative!" color guide at Lowes (my home away from home).

Please forgive photo quality. Many of these shots were taken quickly with my phone to keep my long distance bff updated!

I bought a fun apron and cups from Pier One. I used a vintage blue mason jar with baby spoon/scoop for coffee.
(seen in first pic at top)

Living room before n after

The staging, however basic, really helps show how much bigger the house is than it first appeared.
The living room seats six comfortably and the bar we created seats three.
The furniture was mostly ours. Most had been stored in the barns and sheds and required decrudding spray paint.
I bought the air mattresses (one up on fruit boxes) and rugs new. The blue couch matches the door perfectly but was a cheap craigslist find. It came with the pair of lamps cause seller said they were so ugly.
I tried to tell him about spray paint...    crickets. blank stares.
The bar stools (fabric recovered)were from Goodwill as was the rug.
Shelves were going to get old porch spindles split n added to uprights, but I ran outta time. 

You'd never guess the most expensive staging item.
(Yes, more than couch!)
This guitar print from HomeGoods.
I only bought it because Jack will be taking guitar lessons soon and one day I plan on hanging it in his room. All the items in this twin room were originally thrifted with Jack in mind.

Here I hid fruit boxes under the air mattress with burlap. I hot glued some fun tin numbers found at Elizabeth's cute shop onto a wooden thingy I had.

 This desk was mine when I was in grade school! Quickly painted with what I had and more burlap used on chair.

Here's a view from the dining room, looking through the kitchen towards that bedroom door.

The only bathroom had plastic walls, tiny "vanity," an odd lampshade fixture but an adorable clawfoot tub. I agonized about letting that go but am very pleased with The Farmer/Builder's gorgeous tilework and new tub. The commode will never be mentioned. UGH

The new bathroom has crown molding, granite counter and two medicine cabinets with hidden extra outlets for toothbrushes, hair dryers etc. Extra towel racks and shelving were added as well. We also changed the swing of the door to gain a lot more space to move around inside.

This was what we now call the dining room / office. All those windows are gone. Instead I stole a trick from my Aunt's remodel and replaced the ones along the neighbors side with one too high to see out.

No loss as there's a door with view into the lovely backyard right there.
This is what you now look at.
(Flowers too have really filled in!)
You may just be able to see the newly added brick edging around the concrete patio.
That was a small addition with large visual effect.
Sorry these pics really don't do it justice.

Of course I had to use my vintage metal chair, cooler and enamel pots!

Garage after new roof and some trees removed. The big tree seen is now gone and many perennials added.

Jack and Sarah helped with yard work.
Several mature trees and tons of smaller ones were removed. The privet hedges were a forest in themselves. Many trailer loads of brush were taken out!

When he was bored Jack sometimes built his own houses with scrap material. Although his favorite memory is of demolition and prying up old flooring.

As you can see, our kids were entertained by high tech educational toys while we worked.

And I made frequent trips to pick up these!

Here's a partial picture of the very large master with adjoining rebuilt deck.
Again, I hauled out n painted! A vintage suitcase on a stand, piece of salvage and an old door as headboard.
A flat sheet acts as a dust ruffle to hide the pop up bed frame. A drop cloth covers the long dresser.

Now if only I could sit here with you friends and enjoy the birdsong, good conversation n a Starbucks!

Thanks for looking and please tell anyone looking for a cozy home in Westminster to come BUY see it!

I'm joining some new fun link parties too. 
So even if you're not close enough to see my house, you can check these out!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Too, too much; blessed but stressed!

Hi friends!
This is the only place I document all our family "doings" and it's pained me to have fallen so far behind.
You all know our country internet is the worst so when our air card finally broke we just gave up using the laptop and used our phones. Lately I've found a few seconds to stop inWestminster with the Mac n use free wifi. Wow, you city folks have FAST internet!!! I'm going to try to post from town from now on!
Let's see, a LOT has been going on so I'll throw up some highlights and come back (soon?!) with individual posts on some things....

A tease of our BIG project - a flip house we just finished after nearly ONE YEAR!

The only pic I have from all our family rides at Hunter Paces! My kids (n hubby) GALLOPED!

Jack also galloped round his first school race to WIN his 200 m

Sarah 's not a quitter w/her tough pony or loooong race - she was 2nd in her 800m!!!

Jack (6yrs) found his confidence late spring and asks to canter n jump in the ring now!

Look at him go. So sad I have none from the hunter paces where he hung on her neck w/out falling as we raced!

Another big project - chicks n their house. GIVEAWAY post to follow SOON!

Yes, this sick pony came IN MY HOUSE while I also nursed sick kids n sick me! Later goat was very sick TOO!
We're ALL sick of all the craziness.
Here you can see The Farmer trying to mess with me while I take pics of the flip house.
(I think he's gone a bit soft in the head from all the work lately! teehee)
He's sick of equipment fixes! Balers, hay elevators, spray rigs, washers, trucks...
The Farmer's been spraying, planting and making hay nonstop!
Too bad  Lucky (?) that we're all so good at DIY.

We're ready to move into the lovely little flip house in the city for a long nap n high speed internet!

Oh well, we're hangin' on and have missed catching up with friends n family.
Back soon! Hope your springs not been affected by the crazy storms?!