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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Too, too much; blessed but stressed!

Hi friends!
This is the only place I document all our family "doings" and it's pained me to have fallen so far behind.
You all know our country internet is the worst so when our air card finally broke we just gave up using the laptop and used our phones. Lately I've found a few seconds to stop inWestminster with the Mac n use free wifi. Wow, you city folks have FAST internet!!! I'm going to try to post from town from now on!
Let's see, a LOT has been going on so I'll throw up some highlights and come back (soon?!) with individual posts on some things....

A tease of our BIG project - a flip house we just finished after nearly ONE YEAR!

The only pic I have from all our family rides at Hunter Paces! My kids (n hubby) GALLOPED!

Jack also galloped round his first school race to WIN his 200 m

Sarah 's not a quitter w/her tough pony or loooong race - she was 2nd in her 800m!!!

Jack (6yrs) found his confidence late spring and asks to canter n jump in the ring now!

Look at him go. So sad I have none from the hunter paces where he hung on her neck w/out falling as we raced!

Another big project - chicks n their house. GIVEAWAY post to follow SOON!

Yes, this sick pony came IN MY HOUSE while I also nursed sick kids n sick me! Later goat was very sick TOO!
We're ALL sick of all the craziness.
Here you can see The Farmer trying to mess with me while I take pics of the flip house.
(I think he's gone a bit soft in the head from all the work lately! teehee)
He's sick of equipment fixes! Balers, hay elevators, spray rigs, washers, trucks...
The Farmer's been spraying, planting and making hay nonstop!
Too bad  Lucky (?) that we're all so good at DIY.

We're ready to move into the lovely little flip house in the city for a long nap n high speed internet!

Oh well, we're hangin' on and have missed catching up with friends n family.
Back soon! Hope your springs not been affected by the crazy storms?!


Lisa Tucker said...

So glad to have you back Leslie!!! Wow...you have been busy, busy, busy! I love the flip house...you did a great job and as usual your children are adorable!! Can't wait to see more. Hugs.

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

So there is at least one advantage to living in town lol -high speed internet. Looks like you have been busy and the peeks at the flip house are making me want to see more.

mamamonki said...

Glad to see you back. I've been wondering how you all are doing. Hope you have a fantastic rest of the week!

Lori Skoog said...

Busy for sure. Thanks for the update. Love the pony shots...in the house? What a sweet Mom you are.

Lori O'Brien Photography said...

When do you sleep??? Fabulous staging at the flip, can't wait to see MORE!!!!

Vintage Country Girl said...

What an adorable house. Whatever will you do with it exactly? CUTE picture of the kids together too. Glad you're back!

brooke said...

Pont in the house!!! Love it! That is such a cute pony. And your kids are getting so big. Cantering a jump in the ring... Big kid stuff. And I am so ready to dig in to the post about the flip house. Nice to get over her and catch up.
Hugs - Brooke