"If the world were merely seductive, that would be easy. If it were merely challenging, that would be no problem. But I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day." — E.B. White

Friday, January 24, 2014

Snow n Tell

So the polar vortex seems like it never left.

Well, maybe just enough to rain n create MORE MUD that did a fast freeze, becoming treacherous peaks n valleys that hobble the horses.


Then we got crazy blowing snow that worked it's way through every barn door.
When I oped my tackroom, I found a DRIFT INSIDE against that door.

At least snow is prettier than frozen mud.
(She says trying not to let on what a whiner she's been.)

The Ford has been saying that it's -5 degrees as we drove kids to school.
All our diesels must stay plugged in so that they'll start, or they whine worse than me.

They have much work to do hauling hay for all our hayburners!
Now I get why cattlemen call horses that.
It takes A LOT OF HAY to keep the horses' furnaces at work to warm them.

 INDOORS the thermostat has read as low as 46 degrees when I first come down!
Ice and frost snowflakes are common on the inside of our 200 year old windows.
I think they match the valences that I made out of my Grandma's old coverlet!

At night we turn off everything (except our heated mattress pads til we're snuggled in) and cram the woodstove full before choking it down to a slow burn all night.
We use our dual zone heat n air very rarely.
We feel like pioneers.
or poor people.

But these days I do hit the furnace on and the oven and the kitchen space heater before I go stoke the woodstove and coffeemaker first thing!

64 is about the hottest we keep it in here unless we're not paying attention and allow 72 to spoil us! Truly as often as we n KIDS N CRITTERS go IN n OUT it's too hard on our systems to keep the heat cranked up. Also, I have Raynauds circulatory issues and my body doesn't adjust it's own temps well, so I usually wear a down coat inside anyway. It helps keep me at a more constant temp, plus it's not like I'm in for very long before heading back out anyway. 

I seem to be living in the barn making hot bran mashes w/molasses n oil added.
Schlepping hot water n emptying frozen water buckets.
I'm crazy paranoid about barn fires so refuse to use any of the plug in water heaters when I'm not right there. There have already been several barn fires locally this winter. 
I'd rather schlepp n whine.
Actually here's a secret.

The little girl who dreamed of owning her own horse is still inside me and I rather enjoy fussing n fluffing for all my furry n feathered friends.
Hearing them happily munching is music to my soul.
Maybe like some normal people are happy cooking n fluffing their family's nest?

I like that too and have tried a few new pinterest slow cooker recipes.
This was way too easy and yummy served over rice. A keeper!

I also finally got to watch "Julie n Julia"
I love Julia Child, but I'll stick w/my crockpot

The kids are loving this weather the most.
Olivia is a close second. She runs n leaps with joy while they play.
Lately Sarah n Jack have taken to climbing up on the spring house roof.

and sliding down.

Sarah stuck her landing like a gymnast but also shredded her snow pants.

 They only pause to run through the house, grab a cookie and head out back to beg The Farmer to tow them round the farm.

They're crazy.
(Don't know where they get it.)

Now how's THIS for CRAZY?!
Even my chickens have fun in the snow making

Hope you all are finding ways to play too!


Lori Skoog said...

Your weather looks familiar. Our house was built in 1823 and we have two woodstoves...one in the kitchen and one in the living room. When we don't have a fire going our house is usually around 64 (furnace)and it feels fine. Of course I leave my long underwear on all day, from chores to chores. Our horses are eating a lot more hay right now and I can't wait to get through these arctic temperatures. Stay warm!

Vintage Country Girl said...

It IS pretty, but I'm getting tired of it too! Our kids have missed so much school this year from frigid temps and snow like I haven't seen since I was a kid. We're now going to school through the first week of June.
They said it was going to be a hard winter...they were RIGHT!

Alison said...

I love that you let your kids slide down that roof! Such a contrast to the "ban the monkey bars" school of parenting. I grew up in a woodstove-heated, 64-degree old house, too, so I'm glad you're at least enjoying the animal care. Your horse looks nice and cozy wrapped up in a blanket, muzzle-deep in a hot mash.

Lisa Tucker said...

Oh it all sounded wonderful!!! The chicken snow angels made me LOL! I can't even imagine going to work and school and being outside all day in it. We rarely get snow and when we do it shuts the town down and nobody moves...lol. We are suppose to get 2" tomorrow and everyone is panicking and the supermarket shelves are empty. Isn't that funny to the rest of y'all....:) Thanks for sharing...I sure did enjoy your post! Love the kiddos...they are precious!

brooke said...

Only a barn kid would be clever enough to sled off a shed roof.

I agree, when you walk in a barn ever creature is screaming for love. Once they are all pecking, munching, chewing it's like a moment of bliss. No breath is sweeter than a new baby or a horse that gets bran mashes. I love that smell.

mountain mama said...

well, the snow certainly makes for pretty pictures. and i can honestly say i've never seen a snow chicken before! our chickens don't care for the snow one bit.

God bless~