"If the world were merely seductive, that would be easy. If it were merely challenging, that would be no problem. But I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day." — E.B. White

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The 1/2 way Happy Horse Show

Has it really been a year?
Once again we went to the Howard County Fair horse show in August.
It's our favorite due to the shade and rides and nice people who work the show.
Plus, they award money with their ribbons!
Jack LOVES that part.
In fact, the sweet announcer began saying that every time he got a ribbon to make him feel better!
"In third place, with more money, It's Jack and his pony Brookside Merit."
So Jack's 1/2 of the show was very happy!

These pics were taken by our #1 horse show mom "Miss Diane."
She's all heart and takes better care of my family than I do!
At one point she noticed that Sarah had lost a pigtail holder.
She quickly yanked out her own and put Sarah back together.
All day she shared her own water bottle and hugs.
She made it a very happy day for us all.
One day soon I hope she gets to help her own daughter at a show or even show herself!
Sarah, Daddy, Miss Diane n Jack 

I must stop and tell tales on Jack now.
After all, that's why I keep this blog, to remember these blessings! 
Jack practiced his best equitation in the warm up ring.
I was so proud to see him concentrating on so many things at once.
He even cantered!
Once in the actual show ring, Jack lost his focus as he navigated 'round the jumps and other ponies.
We haven't had much practice with all this.
Soooo, at one point he was going in the opposite direction of the other riders.

And when they were asked to line-up (shoulder to shoulder), he put Merit head to tail behind the pony beside him (a big no-no due to biting or kicking).
When I asked, he said he lined up "like in Kindergarten."

Once, the judge asked each of the kids about pony care.
I was a bit too smug.
I'm an ex Pony Club instructor and am big on teaching my kids horse management.
They both work hard caring for their ponies.
So I was unprepared for this:
When asked to name one thing that a pony must get every day (hay, water, maybe grooming)
My son answered loud n proud "medicine."

I cringed imagining the judge thinking we drug our show ponies!
But it was my fault. 
Jack was just repeating what I said every day.
Merit's had Lyme disease, and I'd remind him when it was time to deliver her feed w/doxcy that it was very important that he not get distracted and forget to give it to her.

Then it was Sarah's turn and she was not quite as happy.
I'm a glass half full kinda girl (well, most days of the month anyway)... 
So, despite the fact that Sarah's pony dumped her again, I thought it was a great day.
You see, Piglet cantered in the warm up ring like a pro, and dumped her less than years past!

He just drops a shoulder n shies when folks along the show ring rail start opening their umbrellas, sneeze, breathe etc.! teehee

Piggy soo wants to touch everyone he meets with his nose! Very sweet + why we bought him

Truly, to be fair, Piglet's had virtually no show experience and all the other horses, fancy jumps and squawking speakers are a lot for him to handle.
Another trainer at the show was extra kind to Sarah and went out of her way to compliment Sarah many times for being such a strong and determined rider.
In fact, several people said similar things to her.
Most pros have stories of the naughty ponies that made them better riders!
Remember wee  "Naughty Ed?"

Piglet really is getting better though.
And I am so proud of Sarah's riding and her attitude!
She always gets back on and (eventually) forgives Piggy.
Piglet hadn't turned 5 yrs yet, and Sarah'd just turned 7 yrs when we bought him as a green pony.
Since then they've shown, schooled X-country, done hunter paces and group trail rides, ridden in a parade and foxhunted.

Time flies! This was 2 1/2 yrs ago. Jack was 4! Either kids grew or ponies shrunk!

Each year I say I'll get them to more shows. This year I mean it.
Maybe they'll even try a starter horse trial.
In fact we'll be going out again very soon.
Say a prayer friends that he doesn't dump her!!!

Okay, now I get to tell you the very best part of the show!
A stranger walked up to me at the ingate and asked if Jack was my son.
She wanted to tell me that he'd made her day!
She said he was the happiest (& youngest) kid at the show.
She'd stopped to talk with him earlier and told him he looked very happy.
He said of course he was happy.
His pony was happy, so he was happy!

That made all of us happy!

Hope you have a happy day friends!


Lori Skoog said...

Love this post. You have two beautiful and very game kids, who look very comfortable in the saddle. And of course, I can't resist your ponies.

Sue said...

Very talented children, and they seem to enjoy this so much. Like the quote. Happy Labor Day.

Lori O'Brien Photography said...

The opening photo reminds me so much of the backpack picnic photo from years ago. What sweet memories!!! What a great post this is and even more so, down the road!! xoxo

Heather said...

This is so sweet! I love to see kids doing this sort of thing, they look so at ease and sophisticated ;-)

This makes me want to put my girls in riding lessons. We spent yesterday riding horses at grandma's farm. Nothing like this though!

Heather @ larkandlola.com