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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The 5 times Happy horse show!

Can I get a Hallelujah for a HaPpY horseshow?!

My 4 yo little buddy John even got a ribbon at his first show.
(Too bad he's generally UNhappy about having his picture taken so we didn't get any great ones of him and his adorable Betty Boop together.)

His big sister Bella also started with me when she was four.
She had so much fun here on her new pony Mystery and got several great ribbons.
The awesome judge Robin Townsend made her smile even bigger by giving her a blue ribbon!

Bella n John's mommy n daddy both worked extra hard preparing for their first family show. 
They even repainted their horse trailer (DIY!) and Elizabeth got her craft on using her cricut to make a snazzy farm name across their trailer! Wow! I feel lazy next to Elizabeth!
Will you do my trailer next please Elizabeth? xo

A big congratulations also to my newest student Riley ~
She'd just bought her pretty pony three days before the show!
They made a beautiful pair and got a pink ribbon (Riley's favorite color). YaY!

Jack and Merit had another great show!
I'm so proud of my sweet boy. He's brave and loves his pony.
They were a whirling dervish in the warm-up ring tho as Jack practiced cantering and begged to jump!
Jack's only complaint was that he was beaten by his sister. It was her turn though. She'd really earned it.

Of course, I was thrilled for my dear daughter to finally feel like a success on her pony.
Sarah got so many compliments on her riding and attitude... Yes, Piggy still dumped her twice, but immediately after the first time in the warm-up, she went right into the ring and got a blue ribbon!
Later, after schooling our new student Riley's cute pony over jumps, Sarah decided to jump Piggy. 
He dumped her again. AGAIN she got right back on with nary a whimper.
xoxo My girl is tough and talented. xoxo
Congratulations Bear!!!

Throughout all our horsey activities The Farmer/Daddy works hard behind the scenes.
Not only does he have big muscles (brain and biceps!) and a soft touch with kids n horses, but equally priceless during these events... he has the best sense of humor n always keeps me sane!
Thank you honey for always coming and lending support!!!

Thanks to all my friends who said a prayer for a peaceful day!
Hope you're all happy as a bird with a french fry!


Lisa Tucker said...

I loved this....what wonderful pics!!! Your kids look so grown on their horses and they also look very happy!! How great to find something the entire family loves to do together. Good mommy!!!

Lori O'Brien Photography said...

Ribbons, ribbons EVERYWHERE! !!! How adorable are all of your students!! What a happy day for your whole farm!!! Congratulations to all!!

Lori O'Brien Photography said...

Ribbons, ribbons EVERYWHERE! !!! How adorable are all of your students!! What a happy day for your whole farm!!! Congratulations to all!!

bizzymomma said...

Leslie, You are the BEST trainer in alllll the land! You are so Patient, n knowledgeable, n understanding...even when tantrums are involved! Love all the little people you mentioned above and you! You make the whole experience with horses so much more fun....Thats why we love being around you so much!
Let's do it all again soon!

Lori Skoog said...

Loved these photos. The kids and there ponies were turned out beautifully, and you must have done a great job teaching them. Congrats to all.

Lori Skoog said...

Of course I meant their ponies. Typo...

brooke said...

I LOVE WHITE PONIES!!! All ponies should be white. Unless I have to clean them.

And what a little rider your daughter is. It takes just the right kind of spirit to keep trying like that.

Janette's Sage/Simply Your Decor said...

I just love this and will have to share with Benjamin when he gets home. I also love that you are getting to pursue your passion. What an awesome gift to share with others.
How much fun..hey! it is better than cleaning houses. LOL
You go girl...so happy for you!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Congrats to all!! The photos and stories here are just priceless. Not only are the kids just too darn cute and adorable, but those li'l horses... omGoodness! ♥ Thanks for sharing. I miss the old 4-H horsemanship days! -Tammy