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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mad Moms March for Milk

What follows is an email alert I received.
Mothers to Break Raw Milk Transport Law
On November 1st 2011, a group of mothers will break the law against interstate transport of raw milk, then distribute the raw milk in front of the FDA headquarters in Silver Spring, MD. The FDA has already stated they will have federal enforcement agents present.
Contact: Liz Reitzig, Co-founder Farm Food Freedom Coalition LizReitzig@gmail.com 301.807.5063 http://www.FarmFoodFreedom.org/events.htm
"Don't Make Us Criminals Over Milk!" Demand Moms
Washington, DC-A group of mothers from across the country who feed their children raw milk will hold a demonstration on November 1 outside the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) headquarters in Silver Spring, MD to protest the FDA's crackdown on raw milk production and distribution, arguing that the government's campaign not only criminalizes raw milk, but criminalizes American citizens who buy and consume it.
Recently the FDA has conducted undercover sting operations and raids against farmers and buying clubs. "Not only are the FDA's actions a shameful use of force, they are also a serious threat to my freedom and my family's food supply" says Karine Bouis-Towe, Co-Founder of the Farm Food Freedom Coalition and Grassfed on the Hill, a DC area local food buying club. "Moms everywhere are disgusted by the FDA making us criminals for feeding our families nutritious food just because that food happens to come from a farm in a different state!"
Leaders in the local foods and foods rights movements will join mothers from across the country for their demonstration. Prior to their peaceful demonstration, a caravan of mothers will cross state lines with raw milk and invite the FDA to witness what the agency wrongly considers to be a criminal act. Media are invited to ride along as embedded reporters to report on how the FDA responds to what it wrongly terms a violation of the law.
Under FDA regulations [21 CFR § 1240.61] implemented in 1987, it is illegal for anyone to transport raw milk intended for human consumption across state lines. That includes individuals purchasing it legally in one state and crossing into another state where they live.
Information about farm raids at www.FarmFoodFreedom.org

Yours for food freedom,

Deborah Stockton, Executive Director
National Independent Consumers and Farmers Association

Our purpose is to promote and preserve unregulated direct farmer-to-consumer trade that fosters availability of locally grown or home-produced food products.

NICFA opposes any government funded or managed national animal identification system.

Here's just one wonderful blog from a great dairy farm that sells raw milk.
If you're local, check out their website and explore raw milk yourself! 
Here's an explanation from their site~
People have been drinking raw milk for thousands of years. If harvested with care from clean, healthy cows, it is not only safe, it’s a whole, nourishing, living food. Around the beginning of the 20th century, dairy farms associated with alcohol distilleries started to appear near major cities. These were large, dirty factories where cows were confined to filthy conditions and fed only swill, the hot acidic byproducts of distilled grain. Workers, often sick themselves, sometimes inoculated the milk with human diseases. This “swill milk” was implicated in human illness and death. Instead of cleaning up or regulating the safe production of milk, widespread pasteurization kept low cost, low quality milk on the market. Raw milk has been stigmatized ever since. No food product is totally safe from contamination and the laws of the land reflect fear and bias against raw milk. 

In Vermont perceptions are changing! Rural Vermont, a family farm advocacy organization, led the effort to reform the state’s raw milk laws. Farmers are now allowed to sell more raw milk (up to 40 gallons/day) and deliver. We are inspected by the Agency of Agriculture, but we don’t mind because we are proud of our clean process and healthy animals. Read the presentation below for even more information.
There are many others to be found on google too!

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Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Thanks..this has been a discussion with my older kids. Of course this weekend my Dad talked about milking cows and them drinking the cream from the top.

Thanks for the heads up.