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Friday, October 7, 2011

Fair fun n fashionistas

The last fair just left and fall is here.  
Instead of harvesting we're off on a road trip!
While we're gone I thought I'd share some of our fair photos ...

Here's my mantel with some fair ribbons as bunting and various vintage toys n such...
Wish I could capture the beauty of the canning jars better... 
A dear client friend made the most amazing things from her garden. 
The red n yellow tomatoes are a work of art as they catch the morning sun!

We've enjoyed the fairs again this season.  

Have you ever seen "mutton bustin'"?!
It's hysterical fun to watch.

 Breakin' in the wee cowpokes for bronc bustin' soon!

Well, maybe fun. depending who you ask...

And then there's the "calf scramble."

Calves are turned loose with colored bows on their tails. Kids have to get close enough to pull 'em off and get money depending on the color. There was 1 red bow for $15, a couple blue for $10 and several white for $5. Sadly Sarah didn't get any, despite being very quick.  I'm confident that next year she'll be even braver and earn some ice cream money. This poor boy was crying cause he fell n hurt his arm.

Lest you think the fair is all about dirt, sweat n tears...

High fashion also reigns/reins!
The Pantone color of the year is taken seriously from Rodeo Drive to, uh... rodeos n fairs! 

Please whisper to this poor gal who didn't get the news- "beachy blue is soooo last year."

Although leopard always seems to be in style!

All of which I found preferable to the KKK look they sometimes sport.
That look is just not right.

I always admire a well styled tail and this cow sports a great pulled n banged tail just like our horses!

Another tail I admire (I sooo want a banty roo!)

And isn't this is a stylish hat?!

Even the cows get dressed up!

Lots of other displays n such to admire as well.
4-H club dioramas are always cute

Here's something I'd never seen before...
It's like a small horse jumping course complete with water obstacle!!!

And while we're talkin' fashion...
Although The Farmer is eager to get into the fields to make hay n harvest corn now that the rain has paused.... 
(We hear it'll be back next week when we return!) 
He's a really good man cause instead he's gettin' ready to sport a "monkey suit" and drive to Ohio for my baby brother's black tie wedding! 

Doesn't he look HaPpY?!  ;-0

I'll be back soon w/hopefully happier pics (than above) as we make this group a legal family!

Sarah is the flower girl and Jack the ring bearer...
Please say a prayer we hillbillies don't embarrass my family!
The Farmer says he'll blend in about as well as a fox in the henhouse.
He's already bled on his tux. 
He cut his finger processing deer the night before. 
Ya know... hillbilly cuisine. 
Soooo,  I for one am going to enjoy the lobster at the reception!

Hope you all are havin' a FUN Fall!!!!


mountain mama said...

love the pics! polish chickens are so funny! love the mantle too! so creative!

have a great weekend!

Janie Fox said...

Loved this post. the KKK sheep were so funny. We have greased pig contests at our fair. Your fair looked like an amazing time. Have fun at the wedding. I love a good hillbilly man!!

Vintage Country Girl said...

Love the fair display with the bunting. Totally cool. How many fairs do you attend anyway?

Shannon@vintagerestyled said...

I love your blog. Thanks again for stopping by my store and shooting me an email!
Hope you enjoyed your trip.

Nezzy said...

What fun a great fair is. I just love the 'kid' scrambles!!!

I had to laugh at your handsome fellas in their 'monkey suits'. Yep, they both look thrilled! Heeehehhee!

Have a great time at the wedding sweetie!

God bless and enjoy this beautiful week!!! :o)

Lori said...

Great post!! W to P ratio was good : )
Your mantle turned out FABULOUS! Maybe next year I should make an attempt!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Always a blast coming here...I have to share with Benjamin when he gets up. I love the eye look from your son.
You got to do more things than we did at our State Fair...too much fun.

I hope the wedding went wonderful...congratulations to all. What a family event.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Leslie, I totally loved this post! You are so fun!! The fair decor is perfection. What a great family pic. Can't wait to see the 'after' photos after everything is official ;) Happy Fall to You! -Tammy