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Monday, July 11, 2011

Goat Camp

Meet "Chase!"
A 2 yo  LaMancha goat registered as "Joppa's Friendship Chase."
Yes that breed has no ears.
Yes, it takes some getting used to.
But now I think of her a lot like E.T.
And last week I could well imagine her saying "Chase phone home?"

Our generous friends VOLUNTEERED to take Chase to their farm to keep her milked while we were gone. They have velvety Jersey cows and don't quite "get" milking for fun. But they also have a gorgeous daughter who loves Chase. (That farm girl is also a ballerina/pony rider who loves high fashion and wears it everywhere. I know she'll be National Dairy Princess one year!)
So Chase went to camp while we went on vacation.

It was very hard to walk away from her sweet face and calls.
But I knew she was in expert, loving hands.
And had adorable new friends n neighbors.

I told you Bert n Wilma would be our test goats...
Especially milk goats!
Chase came from a super nice lady who was finding her a quieter life after Chase had recovered from parasites that left her spine damaged.
Chase is fine but walks with a little limp.
Only a real problem in the show ring. I understand that Chase did very well showing prior to this episode. 
Sad for the breeders, a BIG blessing for us!

We're very happy to have her back home.
 But it did take two to push n pull her away from camp...

Where she just might have converted a hardened cow girl to try goats...

And I know she left behind many new friends

Joining Amy and friends over at her homestead blog hop!

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Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh thanks for the morning hug...although I have yet to figure out how to add my signature at the end.

I loved this and shared it with Benjamin...he loves goats. We always stop and talk to them when we see them. No ears...now that is new to me...well I am a city girl.
Thanks for sharing...what a cheerful way to start my day...glad your trip was such a joy!

Flartus said...

There is little on this earth sweeter looking than a soft-eyed Jersey cow. Chase is one lucky doe! What do you do with her milk? Drink it, or make stuff with it?

mountain mama said...

oh my gosh, that picture with the calf near the red bucket is awesome!! they all are. what great friends to milk a goat for you...and one that looks like e.t. to boot! :) he's a cutie.

God bless~

Genie said...

Your earless goat is precious. Such an interesting breed. We used to have 2 goats - Rpsebud and Sagebrush - but they kept getting out and waging war on our garden. Sadly they had to be given away. Now that all the kids are gone and we are alone, I keep thinking we need to get our chickens, rabbit, and some goats back to keep us company in our old age. Your photos are so wonderful and make me want the animals even more. Genie

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I love these so much! The last one, of the three cows is gorgeous!

Mari said...

Great shots! I love the little windows on that barn and that last cow shot is so sweet!

Elaine said...

Looks like Chase had a lot of fun at camp! His new friends are adorable--I love the last picture of the three saying bye to their new buddy. The camp barn is beautiful with lovely windows!

brooke said...

SOSOSOSO cute. I need a cow. A pet cow.

Mitzi Curi said...

I LOVE your blog, Leslie! I can't believe I've never visited before. I've always loved goats, and your images are so endearing! So glad I "met" you!

Anonymous said...

Hello & Welcome to Barn Charm,

I LOVED that tour, it was awesome. The barn is beautiful, of course, but I think my absolute fave shot is the 7th one down of the cow looking thru the bars w/ just a hint of its teeth showing... that's sooo adorable!
Chase has to be one great experience on your farm... I also love the one of him 'kissing' thru the gate... Wonderful captures & thank you very much for joining Barn Charm!

Jan n Jer said...

Now I have seen everything...a goat with no ears...this is a first for me!!! Chase is just precious! Love all your photos...that barn is really charming!

Wendy said...

I love your pictures especially the one with the three Jersey cows. I have a thing for Jersey cows...there so cute.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Oh, the sweetness! The critters... the kids. All so precious. How lucky you were to find a goat camp. Now I'm wondering if I can find a donkey-chicken-goose camp so we can go on va-cay! I'm rather doubtful... -Tammy