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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bestest Cat Eva

She NEVER was catty or mean

Sarah named her Hello Kitty.
How could we tell her what "Kitty's" real name was...
The cat who had adopted me long before Sarah was born.
She won me over when I began renting this farm.
By always throwing herself on her back directly in front of me
and drooling profusely
and purring like a freight train.
I called her Slutty Kitty.
She won over The Farmer in an instant despite his allergies.
She climbed his winter coveralls and rode around on his shoulder while he fixed fences.
The cat who always sat in the ring while I taught or rode.
Who joined in any and all farm activities.
Who was "supposed to be" a barn cat due to Jack breaking out in chicken pox like hives due to more severe allergies. But who slept on Jack's bed by invitation none the less.
"Kitty" was never aloof. Never too pushy. Just the perfect friend.

Jack covered her with grass. She stayed still.
She was happy where ever her kids were.

She was a part of every view on our farm.
For years n years n years.

She's buried here beside her old nemesis Cody and will wait for Nick.
She will be dearly missed by all.


Dianna said...

Awww...I'm so sorry. Not long ago you were at my blog giving comfort when our Border Collie, Wilma, passed. Now, here I am a couple of weeks later at your blog offering you an understanding heart. Hello Kitty was a beautiful cat...reminds me of our daughter's cat when she was growing up...Mittens was such a good natured cat.

Rural Revival said...

Leslie, I'm so sorry. What a terrible loss for your family. She certainly taught your children a lesson of love, and that I am certain, is something they will carry with them always.

Hugs ~Andrea~

Janie Fox said...

I am so sorry. This made me cry. Our pets become our family. Wonderful pictures, memories for your kids.

Verde Farm said...

Oh my gosh--I got tears in my eyes reading this. I know how much it hurts and you will miss her. Hugs, Amy

Anonymous said...

Oh my...I am so sorry...they are such a part of the family. We loss one of our dear goats this winter, our farm will never be the same.
Hugs, Denise

Sarah AKA The Thriftress said...

So sad! The cat and the kids look so, so happy together! My husband always says that getting a great pet is like winning the pet lottery. You never know if you are going to get such a good one! So sorry for your family's loss.

MamaMonki said...

I'm so sorry. She sounds like she was a wonderful friend to your entire family.

Teresa said...

Oh. So sorry. It's amazing how animals just become such a part of the family, don't they? She sounds like she was just a perfect fit for your happy farm. Very sad.

Lori said...

I'm so sorry :' (
That poor little thing.
Her sweet old body just couldn't recover.
Life on a farm, that happy/sad circle
always around ya.
Sarah's pet lottery comment is so right
and your family has been blessed with
a lot of winners!

I love ya girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

I have never really been a "cat person" but reading this and seeing the precious pics have made me see what a very unique kitty she was and one that I would have been blessed to know. What a wonderful and charming creature! I have never seen or heard of a cat quite like this one. I'm so sorry you've lost her.

Flartus said...

I don't think I've ever known a cat like her. She was surely one-of-a-kind; of course she will be missed. I bet you'll talk about her the rest of your lives..."Remember that cat..."

brookie said...

Poor kitty. A wonderful kid cat is impossible to replace. What a sweet thing she was.

myletterstoemily said...

i was so hoping this was not going to end
this way. i hate that "all good things come
to an end."

i would like to punch that person. :)

i'm so sorry about your super-kitty. that's
a cat that deserves nine lives!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Oh, it is always sad to lose a family pet.

I know she'll be missed.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Leslie, I am so sorry. What a special kitty! And a true classic beauty as well. You have written a lovely tribute to her (love your SK nickname too ;)).
Hugs to all of you... Tammy

Vintage Country Girl said...

I'm so sorry. I don't know what I'll do when our cat dies. They take a part of your heart, don't they? LOVE the picture of her and the dog. Too funny.

Windy Meadows Farm said...

I'm sorry for the sad news...I know how much those sweet pets can be a part of our families. We've experienced the loss too and it's heartbreaking.

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Oh my goodness...I burst out in tears when I read this....I'm so sorry hon.

~ Janis said...

Good farm partners are hard to find and hard to lose.
She was lucky to have found you and your family.
Hope you will go vist your local animal shelter and make a donation in her memory and perhaps..... bring another lucky cat to your farm.

malia said...

what a great post-- love that first photo. sounds like the kitty had a happy life with your family ( -: