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Thursday, June 10, 2010

A year in a blink...

Our first school year is over ALREADY?
It seems like last week that I put my baby girl up on that huge bus for her first day (and cried)!
Today my little baby finishes and has been told she may now refer to herself as a A FIRST GRADER all summer!
Not even a year ago my bold n outgoing girl was scared to death and clinging to me tearfully at orientation...
Now as she walks down the halls she waves to so many new friends in ALL grades.
She wrote beautiful notes n baked cookies n packed gifts for all - including Miss Miriam the sweet bus driver.
But I bet she'll miss dear Mrs. Luckenbaugh and Mrs. LeBrun and be nervous again by Sept!

The little man has been out of preschool for a week.
He blew us all away 10 (?!) months ago with his bold announcement at the preschool orientation;
I could "go shopping and leave now."
Say what? Where'd my shy n quiet Momma's Boy go???
That was a true testament to our amazing preschool teacher - Miss Martha!!!
She and her warm and supportive assistant, Miss Heidi, sure make that school feel like an educational visit to Grandma's...
They've always gone out of their way to include Jack even when he was tiny and it was Sarah's time.
What a blessing our neighbors insisted we go there - 15 years after their sons had graduated from Miss Martha!

They both act like pros now - just your average b i g kids...
Such a huge transition year that I worried about for my little babies, but THANKS to some AWESOME teachers and fantastic schools, they breezed through, with never a worry or concern!
I am amazed and grateful.
Now on to a crazy fun summer!!!
(Where I might find myself crying b/c they're NOT in school!)

How 'bout your family?


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Just precious!!!!!!!!!! Don't they grow toooooooo fast? Enjoy your summer!!!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I'm wondering where the last 19 years went...my baby just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy today...(well, thursday) Her second in 2 1/2 years!

Children are indeed a gift from God! Enjoy your babies while you have them.

Lori said...

sniff...sniff...who said they could become KIDS?!!
P.S. Your gift bags are PERFECT!!