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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Farm talk

Sarah spoke exceptionally early and exceptionally well. 
Since looking at me in the truck one day and brightly saying "hi!" at nine months, she's never shut-up slowed!
 But she never babbled at all prior to that. (?!)
Two of our favorite words Sarah said were "hote doog" (plain hot dogs were the only "treat" -blech- she could get from 7-11 on her restricted diet) and "Sasho" a bizzarre way of saying Shorty - her first pony's name.

She still calls Barbie dolls (who wear gingham Little House dresses as often as princess gowns)"BarBque dolls" which is just fine w/me! ;-P

Jack has a new cute "Jackism..."
"Excitement site" (construction site he made in our front yard)
My observant boy was a late talker. He gets speech therapy and is trying to make up for lost time and keep up with his sister now!
After too much wasted time worrying, I'd give anything for a "piece of quiet" most days...
This classic can challenge my exhausted Mommy brain at the end of the day;  "Momma, tawnpeas." (song/lullabye please)
"Poon" still manages to keep me guessing some mornings before coffee. 
Don't I know he needs that to accompany his "opa meal" (oatmeal)?!
He's also quick to point out where the "Wops" live, no slur intended - they sting!
Baby Jack first called for his sister by yelling "ah aH!"    That became "Ee-ah" for a long time. We were all sad when that changed to her actual name.... Sarah the most.

Oh well, he's still full of his own words and I bet we'll continue hearing "A widia, NO!"  
as in "Olivia, drop my toy dinosaur."  
... or the cat!  ;-P
'til both boy and dog grow up...

Both kids confuse most folks when they talk about "bike hiking" which really just means when we throw the bikes in the truck bed and drive someplace to walk n ride. Riding on gravel farm drives is no fun so my barn aisle was the favorite spot to practice with the trikes! Talk about making horses unflappable...

Actually "town folk" can be pretty confused by A LOT of things we say out here on the farm... ;-)  

Kinda like a fun country blog I love to visit The Blind Pig and the Acorn  with posts on Appalachian dialect & much more. I LOVE what she calls her kids - "Chitter n Chatter!"
Go check it out for great music, pics, info and giggles! She's even hosting a give-away! Click below.

What about your family n kids - do you have any cherished words or sayings? Leave a comment, let's talk!


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Ha! this made me laugh!

My kids had things they would always say, and now they are grown, and still use the 'child-like' words in jest when we're all together. Kind of like an inside joke, that none of my Kid-in-laws gets...See, like "Kid-in-laws"... those are my kids husbands and wife!
They are words that just come out. Like for New years-- My youngest coined the term...Happy New You! and so we wish each other a new you , every new year!
If we were counting down days until an event...again, my youngest( a girl) would ask "How many 'g-nights' until then? and she would place her hands together palm to palm and lay it next to her cheek as if she were lying down to go to sleep and make that gesture each time she'd say, One g'night, Two-g'nights, Three g'nights...? and so forth.
My oldest called an Armadillo a 'turtle-rat'
my youngest son, would say things like "we're having a 50% chance of rain, cause the clouds were half way here." OR-- "we have mushrooms growing in the yard--cause it's June" I'm surprised he didn't turn out to be a weather man!
He still calls his Dad-- Da-da, and my Youngest (with two babies of her own) still calls me Mommy. Terms of endearment, that I never grow tired of hearing!

Thanks, for the letting me share my memories!
Hope it wasn't too long!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Wow... that was long...well, you started it now, get a bunch of momma's talking about their kids!

tipper said...

Your kids are too cute! I love all those funny things kids call things-I'm glad you're writing them down-cause I didn't always do that when my girls were little. My girls both could talk in sentences before they could walk-therefore chitter and chatter : )

I'll share one thing each of my girls used to say-which was so cute-and crazy too: one would say "momma I'm scared of my house" cause she was afraid to go to the bathroom by herself. The other-would tell me "momma you know what I want you to do? I want you to be good to me momma be good to me!" Like I wasn't good to the little rat : )

Your blog is really nice!

Thank you for posting my badge!!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Thanks so much ladies for your fun input - I LOVE IT ALL!!! I want to steal the "Happy New You." The "how many g'nights?" sounds sooooo sweet. Both that and "Momma be good to me" sound like something my kids might say. I think the "be good to me Momma" probably reflected some nice thing you did that she wanted more of - cute!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Love this!!! Our four year old has had more problems with his speech than the older five, but it has always been so precious to hear. This summer challenge was on his "s", so we are going to a swimming pool and not a womenning pool...although the older brothers like his word better.
Enjoyed as always....you always give me a smile,

These Nine Acres said...

Such a cute post! My daughter went to speech for two years and used to call her brother "Tywer" because she couldn't say "l". My son, when he was about two called pop tarts "tar tarps." My foster child calls oatmeal "meatmeal." This age is so much fun!