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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Olivia!

These two are the bestest babysitters and house muckers uppers. The smaller one, Olivia, grew while we slept and is a year old TODAY (and ginormous). Ever since their encounter with our "home invader" they feel they must protect us from even the birds. To be fair, after the raccoon had crept in thru the dog door we were ALL on edge... And it's a comfort knowing our farm is being watched over, whether we're here or away.

Last week Olivia, often known as O blivia, was at the french door in the kitchen intent on barking at our front field... I scolded her and warned her again about crying wolf. There was nothing to be seen. She was upset tho and so I let her out on the porch... She dashed accross the yard and I saw a big red fox, that had been hiding in a hedgerow, go running. Good girl! We've had real troubles with foxes coming into the yard early morning to steal guineas.

Even if Olivia hadn't proved to be such a great guard dog, we'd still feel very blessed to have adopted such a special girl... She's super smart and always eager to please - that must be her German Shepherd side. She's equally goofy and fun loving - no doubt her hound side. It's the perfect mix and I'm so glad we found her thru Petfinder.com. Even if she's nothing like what we said we were looking for when we set out to adopt a *small* friend for dear Nicodemus! The constant shedding and possible concern over her hips is all I can fault. I hope she's with us for a very long time.

Today we'll celebrate May Day and Olivia w/a tea party!

Olivia loves road trips - you can't get her out of the car!

She's always up for wrastling n climbing, but...

She's also quite the girlie girl and loves to feel pretty!
Updated to add - I was planning on posting some pics of the adorable tea party... Me, 4 Kindergarteners, extra puppy guests and LOTS of candy sprinkles, glitter, flowers, frosting, tea and pink lemonade led to an overload - and onset of this nasty cold/sinus mess! soo sad I didn't get any pics - especially of huge Olivia hiding from the froo froo King Charles Spaniel that she was sure was THE fox! Not too sure she enjoyed everyone singing Happy Birthday to her either. sigh

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