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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Loafers Lodge Piglet

Very regretfully outgrown and offered for sale
 Loafers Lodge Piglet ~ perfect first pony!
12.2 hh reg Welsh gelding, foaled May 22,2006

Fabulous show pony, fox hunter, pony club or eventer with much potential to show at a higher level.

We bought Piglet when he was not yet 5 years old for our just turned 7 yo daughter.
We were on a tight budget so contacted breeders for green prospects.
Loafer's Lodge Piglet is by Fox Cry Whinny The Pooh.

photo by Cappy Jackson

Loafer's Lodge is widely known for producing ponies of the highest quality and we fell in love with them and their ponies, buying two at once.
It worked out better than we could have dreamed!
I'm an event rider/trainer so my kids have always done a lot of cross country riding and fewer horse shows. I have never worried about Sarah on Piggy, even in his younger days when he'd throw in an occasional buck. He's always been kind and honest for her.  
Below is a picture taken 4 months after we bought the ponies. We rode on a large hunt club trail ride ~ Piggy was perfect. He w/t/c and forded creeks quietly!
(My son was 4, turning 5 here and neither pony needed a lead line!)

Piggy has done numerous x-country schools and is always calm and brave!

This was 5 yo Piggy and 7 yo Sarah's first time out x-country, going with grown students.

He is a talented jumper and never refuses. We're hoping to try a few events or jumper shows soon before he sells.

 My kids are hoping to try hunt teams and pony racing next, thanks to the courage the Loafer's Lodge ponies have given them.

Piglet is a lovely mover with a big stride and would be a great dressage prospect too.

Piglet has grown to be a very settled and sweet pony who we trust and use for occasional lessons with 4 & 5 y.o.s
He is accustomed to farm equipment, goats, chickens, bikes and all manner or chaos - he even allows the cats to ride him!

Piglet is an amazing fox hunter 

Piglet was third in the Jr North American Field Hunters Championship hilltoppers 2014
(he qualified at his very first hunt out alone in VA)

Bull Run Hunt

Green Spring


Piglet and Sarah went out alone with the bigger ponies in first flight, jumping big coops at Blue Ridge Hunt!

Afterwards they were interviewed by Covertside :-)

Junior day with Goshen 

Piggy has been invited to help whip-in and, of course, always behaves.

Carrollton Hounds

Piglet has done many hunter paces and loves them.

Most recently he has led my two kids alone, galloping, jumping and slowing in a rubber mullenmouth.

Sarah n Jack were CHAMPIONS of the SERIES in their division!

Piglet is a kids best friend and FUN PONY and has been in several Christmas parades and Halloween costume parties!

2014 Lisbon Parade 

2012 parade

He keeps adding to his resume (and fun quotient) and just ran his first pony race!
photo generously provided by the talented Robert Keller

But he's always sane n often ridden round our farm bareback, boldly tackling whatever he's asked or just puttering around. 

We have very little video but lots of happy memories of our family time with Piglet.

Piglet has been a very easy pony to keep. Always healthy and sound, easy for kids to handle, load, shoe, clip etc. 

Loafer's Lodge Piglet is much loved and will be dearly missed.
He will only be sold to a home approved by his bff!

Thanks for your interest
Please contact Leslie Deering via info@GlendevonStables.com
or call or text 301-706-4642
for further information
(we live on a farm with poor cell service so if we didn't reply promptly, we probably didn't get the message. 
Sorry! Please try again)


Lori Skoog said...

Piglet is something! Looks like he can do it all with ease and a good mind. I bet he will be missed like crazy.

Alison said...

All I have to say is...your daughter has an amazing seat! I'm jealous of that heel position. :) Also, that 2nd to last photo of your two kids holding hands is just a heart-flutterer. Yup, lots of good memories with that little Piglet.

brooke said...

I wish my kids have the fever. Maybe some day I will be buying ponies from you for the next generation. I hope you guys are well.

fabian said...

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