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Saturday, December 1, 2012

WI Ag Dept Helping WHO? (rant!)

Okay, I don't get too political here (tho I'd bet most of you know my views)... But REALLY?!
The WI Dept of Ag is going after a Mennonite farmer/butcher.
A past student of mine is head of NICFA ~
National Independent Consumers and Farmers Association.
You can learn more here.
All photos my own and NOT related to this incident.
I often get their updates on govt officials going after small farmers/business owners.
Usually it's raw milk or butchering.
Small local communities...
Consumers who just want the right to know and choose where their milk or food comes from.
If there's a problem the volume is small and they know exactly where it originated.
Small scale farmers work extra hard to build trust in that small business.
That's become a pretty rare business model.
How often have you had a problem and felt that it's maybe passed along in a HUGE corporation and rarely is anything done to change the problem?
Did you feel that your govt was really there to help you?
I also just read about the latest peanut butter factory fighting salmonella.
Numerous inspections and violations on file, yet thousands of tainted products were distributed all across the USA. Trader Jo's and others were affected.
I'd rather be able to make my own food choices on a local level.
Too bad the govt doesn't trust me to do that...
If you are up that way and want to DO SOMETHING please see below.

ACTION TO TAKE: Arlin has a court date for next Monday where DATCP will request a permanent injunction against him to not participate in any butchering. Arlin has been a professional butcher for 40 years. Please attend and show your support.
WHEN: Monday, December 3, 1:15 p.m.
WHERE: Clark County Courthouse, 517 Court St., Room 301, Neillsville, Wisconsin.

Give us clear vision, that we may know where to stand and what to stand for - because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything. 
~ Peter Marshall, US Senate Chaplain 1947 



brooke said...

Its really odd to me that mass farming which tears about our environment is ok. But local small scale outfits get in big trouble. Why should drinking/selling raw milk be against the law? Isn't there just a warning label you can slap on? Its really silly.

-Not to get political too :)

Lori O'Brien Photography said...

It SCARES the heck out of me. Is everyone fine with the idea of big money hungry corporations becoming our only source of food??? REALLY??
A warning label is suffice for cigarettes and alcohol but not raw milk...COME ON!

Vintage Country Girl said...

This raw milk deal is prevalent here in Indiana too. We have a local movement to eat locally, etc. and farmers very close to us, who sell milk to some people in the raw form are getting in trouble. I totally think it's a personal choice, NOT the governments to say what I can and cannot buy...it's MY money. My grandparents, who own a dairy farm, and live two houses away from us, drink raw milk everyday. They are in their 80's, and it's not harmed them. Something to be said for that!