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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nick the Demon

"Nick the Demon" is what we affectionately call MY dog, Nicodemus.
Don't let that fool you, he's really a saint and we adore (and spoil) him.
My tart tongued friend calls him "the tenant dog." She's of more blue blood than me and while growing up on her fancy TB farm only the tenant workers kept Beagles...
Yup, I am a tenant worker!
Nick's favorite sport, of course, is tracking bunnies and providing updates to us stick in the muds who refuse to follow... He's so good at hunting by scent (not sight) as a good hound is supposed to, that he'll be tracking a bunny that we can see, all the while yipping at the trail on the ground! 

 I've never really been very good at naming animals... That's a real handicap when you breed horses! A long time ago I figured out a cheat for naming our dogs after adopting my first stray Beagle.... We found him on Thurston Rd and quickly named him Thurston Howl (Gilligan's Island anyone?).  The next Beagle was Jackson after his address on Stonewall Jackson Rd... My very first adopted dog, way back when I was a trendy teen, became "Fitch," as the alternative Abercrombie on my well worn sweatshirt didn't quite roll off my tongue... Since then, if the pound hasn't named them, I pick the closest interesting street we take to pick up the dog!   Pitiful, huh?

So, dear old Nicodemus has been with me since long before Sarah. He had a true best buddy named Cody, The Farmer's German Shorthair, who passed away nearly 3 years ago. I don't think Nick is happy we took in Olivia (named by the rescue group) for his companion... Nick is quiet, restrained, formal and extra polite. None of those adjectives describe huge "Oblivia!"

Nick is such a great family dog, if Olivia's counterpart. He's always quietly watching n guarding. Usually from the highest ground. In the sunshine. Our porch stairs are his favorite. But a sunny hill or mound will work too.

Does anyone else out there have a Beagle that always chooses the highest vantage point? 
I'm always reminded of the Snoopy cartoons! 

We've tried to train the dogs not to go upstairs - mostly because the baby gates made it so easy and we have white Berber up there - but Nick has always known I'd never chastise him and sneaks up to find a patch of sunshine near his family. Often I found him curled up below the crib while the kids slept... Lately he's been found in the kids bed (by invitation) and vice versa! 
The poor old dog can't escape 'em!
He's serious n somber (and perfectly behaved) for a Beagle... He rolls his eyes but allows the kids to drag him around the farm or into their playhouse on a leash. Please don't tell anyone that he's slept in a Disney castle and even worn baby clothes and played dress up. He would be mortified.
But between the "family sandwich" ...  
and channel surfin'... he KNOWS he's loved!

My buddy. Always a great source of smiles!

Hope you have a furry fiend friend that loves to snuggle too!


Janie Fox said...

oh gee, I want your dog. He is so stinking cute and I have a soft spot for beagles. Our Brenda is beagle/basset. I think she is adorable. If you lived closer I would leave a trail and lure him into my Disney castle.

Joycee said...

Love this! Just came over from Tales from the CoopKeeper, I'll be back to snoop some more later...

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

You are just toooooo great at telling a story...my husband will be able to relate to this and will so love it. He loved his beagle from his childhood.
There really isn't anything greater than having family pets to make your world full....you have provided so much for your children.
The pictures are just great!

Rural Revival said...

My first dog was a beagle and they have a very special place in my heart. And mine was gentle with kiddos too. Far more than I would have been!


RiverBend Farm said...

He looks so sweet and well loved! Gotta love him!

MamaMonki said...

Nick looks like a real sweetheart. We have a cuddler too. Unfortunately, he's half lab so he's an 80 pound cuddler and a bed hog... but he's the most sweet and loving dog. He puts up with quite a bit from WeeMan!

Vintage Country Girl said...

Not a "demon" at all! What a cutie! My Evan thinks we need a beagle next. We have a lab/retriever mix named Rudy who is the love of our lives....but Evan dreams of a beagle. I'll have to show him this post!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

I thought of you yesterday...I was visiting the town of McKinney..brick lined streets, courthouse in the middle...and there on the square was a restaurant/grocery store.
They were selling raw milk...all the produce sold and used in their dishes were locally grown...you would have loved it