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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Zaney memories

All a-round the kitchen cock-a-doodle-doodle-doo... 
This GREAT SONG, by Dan Zanes, stars in a very favorite memory of mine!
First when Sarah was a tiny toddler in her carseat. We'd drive around town with baby Sarah, Mommy n Daddy waving our arms in the air while we all sang along to this. To say folks gawked is an understatement. We LAUGHED n GIGGLED n hit replay a million times.  Years later Sarah n Jack still dance around the kitchen table flapping their wings while I join in prepare dinner!


From the concert/video DVD entitled, All Around the Kitchen! on Festival Five Records.
Festival Five Records is a record label making children's music, founded by the leader of the legendary Del Fuegos songwriter Dan Zanes

Rolling Stone named the Del Fuegos "Best New Band" in 1984.

LOVE Dan Zanes!
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Unknown said...

Hahaha....I have never heard that song but thank you very much now it is stuck in my head. Hubby is going to think I'm crazy if he walks in the kitchen...:)))))

Lori Skoog said...

Right up my alley! Loved this.

Unknown said...

Love this picture.Keep doing
Zarah from bizbilla.com

Mispoetic said...

Heard this song a few minutes ago whilst watching tv series "Unbelievable " and now I'm hooked!! Lol